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Thank You All for a Great 2017! We are looking farward to an Even Better 2018:
 New SURIWAAI™ Signature Series – Premium USA Sili Doll™  this line is Fully USA assembled – ships from California!  And uses BodyColor by MissAtleur over the entire body!

We have finaly added Our NEW BodyFill kits to our Accessories Page!
To help keep our prices as low as possible, Roxie has consolidated our packaging to 1 package size for All of our products! She has really been working hard to give us One Good Safe packaging solution
that will work for all of our product needs! 
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Welcome to MissAtleur.com

Dedicated to the Maintenance and Repair of Lifesized TPE Dolls of all makes!

     My name is April Annabelle Atleur; I was born in Orlando Florida on October 21, 1992. I am now the President and CEO of  MissAtleur.com

     My friends from my highschool days all call me TripleA this was a nickname which was given to me when I fist started attending highschool in Orlando, one of the students their, a boy   who had a crush on me at the time, had asked if I was going to stay in Orlando, when I said yes I was he shouted : TripleA is here to Stay: and that nickname stuck, I had attended grade   school in Orlando and then moved away for a while, then moved back during highschool. The boy knew me before I had moved, he had had a crush on me since we were in grade school.

     I attended the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, where I graduated in may of 2015 with a degree in Physical Therapy. I went to work part time helping Martine Peters at   RLSD while attempting to find a position in the physical therapy trade. This is where I met James and excepted an offer to come and live with him and Teen in Cumming, GA.

     We have been together since November 16th 2015. We have since had the good fortune of having Kayla Lynn Nelson come to live with us as of June 18th 2016 and as of July 14th   2016 my second cousin from Pleasanton, Texas, Miss Roxanne Marie Morrison, has come to stay with us. So our very unusual but functional family, which now is made up of, James,   Teen, Kayla, "Roxie"  as we call her and myself, has grown in a good way.

The MissAtleur Staff



Miss Kayla Lynn Nelson  --  Customer Care and Shipping Manager

     My Name is kayla Lynn Nelson, I was born in Cleveland Ohio on April 23,1992

     I met April on the TDF forum. We immediately became friends. I was living with omzig123 in Ohio, and April was in Georgia, with James. At that time Teen was in Louisianna taking   care of her mother. Over time we got to thinking how cool it would be to live together, since we both longed for a sister to keep up company when there was no one else around. On June   18th 2016 James and April met up with me in Nashville, and we all returned to Georgia. And I have been here since living and working with James, April and Roxie!



Miss Roxanne Marie Morrison  --  Packaging Design and Marketing Manager

     My Name is Roxanne Marie Morrison, I was born in Pleasenton Texas on January 13, 1991.

     I was working on a cattle ranch in Lemming, Texas and was feeling somewhat down when I got a call from April, my first cousin, inviting me to come and work with her and Kayla in   Cumming, Georgia. She said that I could live with her and her family. I jumped on the next available bus, yes I was poor, to Cumming and arrived on July 14, 2016. I have been very happy   here every since!