Doll Owner's Photos using Our TPE Coloring System           [Back]

 Following are photos from Doll Owners who have used our TPE Coloring System!

If you would like to have your lady displayed using Our TPE Coloring System simply send us the photos you would like to share and we will include them and send you a link for approval!


 Mia "Aurora" Brzostowicz

Mia "Aurora" Brzostowicz

     We would like to Thank Tigersan and Miss Mia "Aurora" Brzostowicz   from OurDollCommunity for allowing us to to post these lovely photos of Mia before and after the application of BodyColor by MissAtleur to her lovely lips. Mia is wearing our Passion Pink BodyColor in the after photo!


Thank You Mia and Tigersan!


     We would like to Thank EBF & Juliana for allowing us to bring you this lovely photo of how they used BodyColor by MissAtleur.  Since the color of Juliana's nipples was   fading, we decided to try the samples Miss Atleur provided to retouch them. We used chocolate brown for the nipples, which gives nice dark nipples.

                                                                                                                 EBF & Juliana




  Here we have a few photos of the lovely Erica Jane. She lives with TommyLLama from The Doll Forum. Thank You and Erica Jane very much for allowing us to show off these Beautiful Photos of her. And I belive that is Our Rose Red Color on her lips.


  Here we have an animation of the removal of the applied color from Erica Janes lips. Thank You both for allowing us to share this animation!