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Following is information concerning the care and maintenance of Primarily TPE dolls. If the information is applicable to dolls other than TPE dolls it will be Explicitly expressed. And the types of dolls that it apply's to will be included!

Also the tips and maintenance information is not all developed by myself. I will include the person whom I got the information from and a way to contact them if they OK it. But I will always give the moniker of the person from whom I got the information. Most of the care and maintenance tips on this site is stuff that I use and will vouch for. If I have not personally used it and therefore cannot vouch for it. I will note that prominently.




    New BodyColor by MissAtleur

     Well; we have Miss Roxanne Marie Morrison modeling Our New BodyColor by MissAtleur and she is showing a   couple of different uses for it. On the far Left she is sporting a Tatto "Please forgive the bad artwork, CC is certainly   not an artist by any measure", but you can see that it works very well for that application, it will hold up for quite   some time if applied correctly, it will last thru showers and othe activities. It can be powdered to give a soft pastel   look or it can be oiled with baby oil or vaseline to give a vibrant shine.

     On the near right she has had her teeth done with OUR NEW "CHAUK WHITE" and her lips are done with our   very popular Rose Red this is a very vibrant and popular rich red color!


BodyColor by MissAtleur  a TPE Extended Wear coloring system !

I do apologize, it has been a while, but we have all been very busy. We are now up to 16 colors in our color pallet! We will be releasing 2 more very soon! So keep intouch for sure. If you would like to be notified by email when we release new products, all you need to do is to send an email to anyone on the contact list on our home page and include "Product Updates" in the subject line and in the body simple say " I would like updates on product news", that's it you will be notified whenever we have a new product or update an existing one!


    BodyColor by MissAtleur  Removal and Re-Application!



    This video demonstrates (1): Removal of a color that has been applied as a removable color. And (2): Applying a color to be a removable color, and taking the shine off. Hower if  you notice the picture above of Kayla's toes we left it as a shiny color, this can be inhanced with baby oil applied to the colored area and then dabbed dry with a soft cloth!




    Prevent Slipping and Floor Damage

     We have a very good solution and upgrade for your TPE doll with the popular standing option provided by our friend incred! He has kindly provided this link  to where  he got the items he used for this upgrade. But you can reach him at   if you would like more information on this very nice upgrade!

 Thank You incred for allowing us to document and pass along this GREAT upgrade to our TPE partners! And Thank You Carleigh for so graciously modeling the upgrade! And showing the parts used at the same time!


    Aprils ability to hold a position Video!


   This video demonstrates April's ability to now hold the set position while leaning at about a 40 deg angle.  The ability to hold the head at a set position while leaning at an angle of about 40 to 45 degs is what shows that there is not a problem with the neck assembly. Notice the lack of any  sound or noise while moving or repositioning the neck, this is not possible with a gooseneck/spiral pipe neck assembly, you can only get this noise free movement with a hinged neck assembly!



    Kayla's neck tightening Video!


   This video demonstrates how you would tighten the neck joints in the event they got loose. I would like to state that Kaylas neck was not loose and that I only went through the motions of performing this proceedure for the video. As you can see the entire procedure is done from the top of the neck and there is no need to cut her at all. This is an added benefit of this system and to my knowledgde is the ONLY neck assembly system that can be adjusted from the top of the neck and requires NO CUTTING on your doll!



     A full Neck assembly Retrofit, From Gooseneck to Hinged Neck Assembly!


   This video is the full neck assembly retrofit video it is 76 minutes in length. It shows a complete gooseneck neck assembly replacement to a Hinged neck assembly! We cover the tools used and explain the procedure as we perform it step by step!



     April's Elbow Repair Injectable Cream to fill in TPE voids !


   This video is a demonstration of Our New Soon to be Released injectable TPE filler cream. It is designed to fill voids such as those caused by the excessive wear from joint movements such as Elbows!



     A Video on Safely cleaning a fixed vagina doll!


   This video shows an alternative way to safely clean a fixed vagina doll in as little as 10 minutes! I would like to thank Miss Roxanne Marie Morrison for modeling for this video!