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 This may help explain the hobby to the uninitiated.

I would like to thank noquiexis from:   http://ourdollcommunity.com and  http://arimecibo.com/  for so graciously allowing us to use the excerpt from his posting! As we believe that this explaination is very accurate and eloquently stated.

      Life forms, including humans, are thought to consist of three parts: Body, Soul, and Spirit. The body is that part that you can see and touch, the physical vehicle or 'house' in which the life form resides. The Spirit is the energy that drives the physical mechanism. The Soul is that actual individual: their thoughts, feeling, emotions, ideas, and creativity. The Soul is what makes you, you! Take out any one of the three and the life form will not function.

      Humans tend to want to create things "in their own image". Every art form known to human kind has some representation of humans. The raw materials used to create the art are the body. The artist who shapes or paints the art is the spirit. What the artist creates is the soul of the work. Take out any one of the three and the work of art will no longer be a work of art.

      When humans built thinking machines, they imbued those machines with human traits. Whether they did this willingly or by accident is a matter of speculation. Computers are essentially advanced thinking machines. They have much the same properties as their living creators, the body (hardware), the spirit (electricity and software), and the soul (the human operator). Take out any one of the three and the computer will not function. Even unattended computer systems require periodic maintenance.

      The doll hobby is much like a life form, an art form, and a computer system. The doll body is, of course, modeled after the human body. The spirit is the human who dresses and poses the doll, and any interaction that they have. Obviously a doll is an inanimate object, so she or he cannot actually 'do' anything. The soul of a doll is the personality, likes and dislikes that the owner attributes to the doll, and the stories (photo shoots) of the doll's 'life'. The World Wide Web, sometimes incorrectly referred to as 'the internet', allows dolls owned by people who live miles apart to interact with each other. Real-world doll meets, just like any other hobby, bring dolls and their owners together for interaction and photo shoots that would not be possible for individual doll owners alone.

      There is a perceived stigma attached to owning life-sized dolls. In my opinion, most of the fear of rejection is in the minds of the doll owners. Having taken dolls out in public for photo shoots, I can vouch for the fact that most people just don't care that your companion is not a living, breathing person.

      Some, if not most, doll owners use their doll for sexual purposes. They also do a lot of nude photography, although they (for the most part) do not appear in the pictures. Neither Our Doll Community nor Arimecibo Island allow pictures of dolls used in sexual activity. They do not allow pictures of any doll, large or small, that might be perceived as under the age of majority (18 in the United States).

      I do not do nude photography. I am not opposed to it; I am just not any good at it.  Doll maintenance is a sad fact of the hobby. Sometimes we have to cut into a doll to do repairs. Any nude pictures that I have are of these repair operations.

      Doll owners are not "lonely old men who cannot get a date", nor are they perverted, depraved, or lacking in some quality that might get them a mate. Doll ownership is a choice. Some people do not want to invest the time and money in maintaining a relationship with a living person. There are a number of professional people actively involved in the doll hobby. School teachers, doctors, airline pilots, and police can be found among our members. If anything, dolls might prevent some crimes like rape or incest. If a man or woman cannot keep their hands to themselves, they might have a doll waiting for them at home.